Silverthorn Animal Clinic

Pet Wellness Care

At Silverthorn Animal Clinic, we provide pet wellness care services to keep your pet happy and healthy!

Pet Wellness Care

Our team works hard to provide a welcoming environment for our patients and clients, and we want everyone, two-legged or four-legged, to feel at ease the moment they walk into our veterinary clinic.

Wellness Examinations

A physical examination or a checkup are other terms for a health assessment. You should not wait until your pet becomes ill to see a veterinarian. The goal of a wellness exam is to make sure your pet’s health is as excellent as it can be.

The wellness checkup will begin with your veterinarian questioning your pet’s nutrition, exercise, thirst, and elimination patterns. You’ll be questioned about the pet’s personality, habits, way of life, breathing, and overall health as well. Following that, your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and, based on the results, provide health suggestions.

During the wellness exam, the veterinarian will do a physical examination. Examining the animal’s general look, examining various parts of the body, and listening to the chest with a stethoscope is all part of the procedure. The pet’s weight and overall health will be evaluated. The veterinarian will assess the animal’s posture and stride to determine whether he is bright and alert.


Traditional Services Include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Care & Oral Surgery
  • Parasite Care & Prevention
  • New Puppy & Kitten Care
  • Ear/Skin Cases
  • Surgery
  • In-House Laboratory
  • Digital X-Ray