Silverthorn Animal Clinic

Pet Reproductive Services

Receive reproductive services from a team of caring and knowledgeable professionals.

Pet Reproductive Services

Our Clinic provides reproductive services to your pets. Hormone therapy, artificial insemination, prenatal care, ultrasound, delivery aid, and Cesarean deliveries, if necessary, are some of the options available.

A brief outline of our reproductive services is as follows:

For Males:

  • Breeding Examinations for infertility for male
  • Semen Collection for shipment (Chilled and Frozen semen)
  • Semen CollectionforIn House Cryo Banking on-site storage
  • Semen Evaluations for motility, concentration, and morphology
  • Chilled-Semen Shipping
  • Import and export frozen and chilled canine semen
  • Prostate disease evaluation and treatment
  • Semen Cultures to our laboratories
  • Brucella canis testing to our laboratories
  • Mycoplasma testing to our laboratories

For Females:

  • Breeding evaluation
  • Progesterone Testing, Same day Results
  • Artificial Inseminations
  • Surgical Inseminations with chilled or frozen semen
  • Vaginal Cytology
  • Breeding management-(this includes ovulation timing, fresh semen insemination, cooled semen insemination, frozen semen insemination with surgical, and surgical insemination)
  • Pregnancy Confirmation –an ultrasound is performed 30 days following breeding. Ultrasound is a safe and very accurate way to diagnose pregnancy and evaluate the health of the pregnancy.
  • Digital Radiographs to count-taken the week before the female is due to accurately determine fetal numbers
  • High-risk pregnancy management –evaluation and monitoring of females progesterone levels that have lost previous pregnancies
  • Scheduled C-sections
  • Medical management of uterine disorders such as pyometra
  • Guarded Cultures sent to outside laboratory
  • Reproduction Panels sent to outside laboratory
  • Brucella canis testing sent to outside laboratory

Heritable Disease Testing for Males and Females:

  • OFA hips, elbow, patella, and shoulder evaluation
  • DNA test submission for breed-specific disease screening

To contact the reproduction staff you can email at [email protected].

Reproductive Services Pricing
Test Pricing
Progesterone $87.00
Vaginal Cytology $50.00
Guarded Culture $190.00
Semen Culture/Myco Combo $232.00
Brucellosis Testing $127.00
Mycoplasma $167.00
Collect and Brief Eval (iSperm) $132.00
Collect and Ship $211.00 + FedEx Charge
Reproduction Consult $158.00
Side by Side AI (2 included) $169.00
Side by Side (only 1) $100.00
AI Kit for Home Use $29.00
Ultrasound to confirm $132.00
X-ray to count $140.00
Semen Freeze $660.00 (includes 1st-year storage)
Yearly Storage Fee $132.00
Surgical AI (must have PG) $628 (meds/blood work included)
C Sections (must have PG unless in labor) $875.00 – $1610.00 (meds/blood work included)
Emergency C Section Weight fee + $600.00

Please note that these prices are subject to change and are an estimate of actual charges. Charges can vary based on weight, complications, temperament, etc. Please remember that sometimes other charges apply for things like medications and supplements.