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Pet Stem Cell & PRP Prolo

At Silverthorn Animal Clinic, we provide stem cell therapy to help your pet’s body to repair damaged tissues.

Pet Stem Cell & PRP Prolo

Your team’s inventor is regenerative medicine, which uses your patient’s own cells to provide cost-effective, proven, long-lasting healing and pain relief. Regenerative medicine treats your patient from the inside out and is a drug-free, minimally invasive solution to acute and chronic orthopedic and soft tissue injuries.

Treatments like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy were once prohibitively expensive for the average pet owner, but thanks to advances in cell processing and methods of harvesting and storing stem cells in younger animals at the time of spay/neuter, these treatments are now much more affordable. Because we employ information held in the pet’s own cells to induce healing and tissue regeneration, these approaches are extremely safe.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a treatment for pets that are suffering from a number of ailments, including joint and muscle injuries. Another treatment that is utilized in conjunction with PRP for more effective and long-term treatment of degenerative disorders is stem cell therapy.

What are Stem Cells and PRP?

Stem cells are the cells that give rise to all other cells and have the ability to transform into any tissue in the body. They are abundant in all animals’ developing fetuses. They have the potential to multiply repeatedly and can aid in the regeneration of wounded tissues as well as the restoration of health, rejuvenation, and repair in adults. Stem cells are abundant when an animal or human body is forming prior to birth, but they decrease in number as we age.

During the treatment process, we combine stem cells with factors extracted from the blood’s platelets, which are isolated in a separate, sterile process. The injection also involves adding stem cells and PRP to an intravenous infusion, so the entire body can be positively impacted. Clients often report being able to take pets off pain and allergy medications, after a successful stem-cell treatment.

Steps in Seeing if Your Pet is a Candidate

Step 1– Make an appointment with a Veterinarian to discuss if your pet is a potential candidate. We currently treat osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, joint dysplasia, tendon and ligament injuries, and bone fractures with Adipose Regenerative Cell Therapy.

Step 2– At the time of examination if your pet is a potential candidate for PRP or Stem cell we will pull pre-surgical bloodwork to make sure there are no underlining issues.

Step 3– A PRP/Stem cell technician will discuss scheduling dates for your procedure and fill out necessary

Step 4– It is recommended that the patient be taken off all non-essential medication 7 -14 days prior to the treatment, including immunosuppressive drugs (e.g., chronic steroids used in conditions such as polyarthritis and cyclosporine for chronic allergies)It is recommended that the animal is off NSAIDs for at least48 hours before adipose collection if bleeding is a concern.

Step 5– On the day of your procedure a surgical technician will go over all go home medications and at-home instructions

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