Silverthorn Animal Clinic

Pet Exotic & Avian Services

Avian and exotic pets should be seen for routine annual wellness exams.

Pet Exotic & Avian Services

It can be challenging to locate appropriate veterinary treatment for an exotic pet. Birds and other exotic pets necessitate specific attention. Our veterinarians at Silverthorn Animal Clinic can care for your exotic pet. Our staff is trained and skilled in dealing with a wide range of exotic and avian pets.

We provide dental, medicinal, and surgical veterinary care for your exotic pets at our animal clinic. Therapeutic, diagnostic, and radiological services are all included. We understand that each exotic pet is different. Birds, reptiles, small mammals, and other animals are among the animals we look after.

Exotic pets, like cats and dogs, require regular wellness examinations from our veterinarians. However, there are instances when your pet requires attention that you may not be aware of. Changes in your pet’s feeding routine, for example, could signal that it isn’t feeling well. If you have a bird, for example, you will be able to tell when it is not feeling well. The bird will not consume the usual amount of food or water. Birds can contract a variety of diseases, including avian TB. If you detect even a minor change in your pet’s behavior, you should seek medical help. This will allow us to treat the problem and keep it from getting worse.

Additionally, if your exotic pet is having trouble breathing, is extremely tired, or is unable to rest, it needs immediate medical attention.

As an exotic pet owner, determining if your pet’s condition necessitates emergency medical attention might be difficult. We recommend chatting with one of our physicians regarding your pet’s care. We can advise you on what illnesses to watch out for and what signs and symptoms to look for.